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Sacred Holistic Potions

Spiritual Kits

Spiritual Kits

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Anxiety/ Stress Relief Kit- Our anxiety/ stress relief kit is used for those who have anxiety. This kit will help you relax and be stress free. 

Clear all paths Kit- Our clear all paths kit is used to remove any bad luck that surrounds you. Also it is designed to reverse negative energy that has been sent to you and return it back to originator and opens up doors to the new. This kit is the one of all to start with to get you to where you need to be.

Prosperity Kit- Our abundance flow kit is used for drawing in luck, abundance and wealth in love, money, family and in business.

Seducer Kit-  Our seducer kit  is extremely powerful. Expect an all nighter if you wish! Only wear the oils that’s provided in this kit when you are in the naughty mood for some exotic fun. You can use multiple times with multiple targets. The candle and oils will do the work no ritual needed.

Self Love KitOur Self Love kit is used for those who wish to deepen the true love of self. With using this kit one will have a deep level of self love and confidece in understanding and realizing your own self worth. Embrace Yourself! You deserve the best!

Spiritual Cleansing Kit- Our spiritual cleansing kit is used for cleansing ones aura and  warding off any negative energy, spirits or even unwanted threats or situations that may trouble you.  We all need a level of protection and with this kit it ensures just that. 

 What's included:  

All kits come with the following. Except Seducer Kit See Below:

1 Pamphlet With Instructions
1 Herbal Bath 
3 Intention Oils
1 Spiritual Soap Bar 
1 Smudge Spray
3 Ritual Candles 

Seducer Kit Includes:
1 Pamphlet With Instructions
3-Seducer Candles
2- Intention Oils
1- Intention Soap bar 


Refer to pamphlet in kit. 


Sold as a curio. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. 

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