About Us

About us 

Sacred Holistic Potions is the one stop-shop and offers top notch products and services for all of your Spiritual and Holistic needs. We take pride in our products and services for our customers. All of our products are handmade with love and created with high quality ingredients. We also offer superior services which are listed on our website.


Meet the owner

Greetings and welcome to Sacred Holistic Potions. I am Divine the owner. It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am a certified Reiki healer, Holistic practitioner, diviner and herbalist. It’s my passion to create herbal blends that are derived plant based which is healthy for the body. I believe in a body being in its healthiest state which is why I live a plant based lifestyle. My business is unique because I incorporated my inherited African background into my practice. I give a twist of using my gifts with divination, having the ability to interpret dreams and numerology, to creating healthy products for the well being of the body. Im also creative with crafting beautiful pieces. My products are superior with the perfect formulations being I am a herbalist and have studied chemistry. I provide excellence in all of my products and services.  I commend you on taking the leap of faith and investing in yourself giving your being what it needs and deserves. I appreciate and value your support.