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Sacred Holistic Potions

Ritual Services

Ritual Services

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Remove obstacle- This remove obstacle ritual service will remove obstacles and open the roads for positivity to enter and stay in your life. This is a great candle service if you are looking for obstacles being removed out of your path.

Remove love blockage- This remove love block ritual  service will remove blockages in matters of love and open the roads for love to enter and stay in your life. This is a great candle service if you are looking for a relationship or in one and need a boost.

If you are currently in a relationship this ritual will help you in your relationship only in matters for your highest good. The energy will not focus on any other person. 

Remove financial blockage- This remove financial blockage ritual  service will remove blockages in matters of financial blocks open the roads for prosperity to enter and stay in your life. This is a great candle service if you are looking for a boost in your finances. 

Emotional healing- This emotional healing ritual service leads you on a healing path, exploring your emotions deeply. It aligns your mind, body, and spirit, aiming for harmony in your healing journey. Instead of just hiding your pain, our "Emotional Healing" ritual guides you to face and heal your inner wounds. This creates a deep sense of emotional freedom and harmony, influencing every part of your life.

How This Works:

Please include your full name and date of birth. After purchase, I will personally channel potent energies and utilize customer candle and materials needed for the ritual. Nothing will be mailed to you physically. The ritual is performed by the practitioner (Divine) on your behalf. 

You will receive a recorded updated completion email of your ritual 5 days after your purchase. This recorded email will be via a  link from Wetransfer, a third party file sharing software that is encrypted protected and will be sent to your email that you used to purchase with for you to download the video. Please make sure you be on the look out for this email and also check your spam folder.

You will receive your reading within 5 days after the date of purchase.

***Note that once the link has been sent to your email you must download and save to your files as the link will expire to download after 7 days of delivery date via your email and will no longer be retrievable. Be advised no refunds will be issued. 


Faith and patience is a must. After the ritual was performed, I will not issue any refunds due to the tone, resources and energies involved in your ritual. 

The timing for a ritual to manifest varies; magic is unpredictable, weaving around individual needs and desires. It might take days, weeks, or even months for your wish to materialize. Rituals work in complex ways, influenced by various forces. A calm and open mindset enhances their potency.

If you don’t immediately see results, don’t worry. Delayed outcomes don’t necessarily mean the ritual hasn’t worked; it might require further assistance to reach its optimal effectiveness. Sometimes, the Universe has a different plan, always aiming for your ultimate good.”

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