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Sacred Holistic Potions

Charcoal Disk-8Pk

Charcoal Disk-8Pk

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Charcoal disks for use with loose incense and granular resins. These charcoal discs are perfect to use with our high quality resins. This is not the same type of charcoal used in grills. It is specifically designed for burning indoors with resins and hookahs. These are top quality, easy lighting charcoal discs and they are so convenient to use!


Please be cautious! These tablets get HOT and will spark when being lit. They should be placed on a fire-resistant surface or container. If you plan on handling the container they are in, ensure it is also heat-resistant. Once lit, only handle these with tongs and NOT your fingers/hands.

• If using these tablets with our loose smudge blends, the tablet should be placed on our fire-proof mat. 

• Grab your tongs and hold your charcoal tablet on one side. We DO NOT recommend holding the tablet with your fingers, as it will spark and heat up once it is lit. Light the charcoal on the opposite end where you are holding it. I prefer to use a candle or lighter as opposed to a match when lighting, since it may take a while for it to fully ignite.

• Once the tablet is lit, you should see some sparking and the glow of the lit area will move across the tablet. With any tablet, there may be some variability and a chance that one might not burn as well as the next. If this happens, you may need to relight as needed.

• As the tablet begins to ignite from one side to the next, place it in your dish or container with the indented side of the charcoal tablet facing up. Let it burn for a bit so it can heat evenly across the tablet. You may see a light layer of gray ash across the top or around the sides, which is normal as it continues to heat.

• Once finished, either let the charcoal naturally burn out (do not leave unattended), or extinguish it by running it under water (be advised this will melt the tablet and it can not be used again.) 

*Always use caution when burning resins, incense and herbs. Use a fire proof dish and never leave unattended*

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